Proton therapy

In December 2015, the Proton Therapy Center (PTC) of Prague celebrated its 3rd anniversary of patient treatment, having treated more than 800 patients during this time. All 800 patients were treated with Pencil Beam Scanning technology and in 2016 the Center expects to treat its 1000th patient.

The Prague facility has secured a significant position among the world's Proton Therapy Centers, as well as becoming a Training and Consultancy Center. In addition to standard treatments for conditions such as prostate cancer, the Center also focuses on treatments for more complex forms of cancer, such as head and neck, lung, breast, pancreas and anal cancers.

The Czech center is equipped with IBA technology. We asked the Chief Medical Physicist, Mr Vladimir Vondracek, for his feedback.

How long have you been working with IBA technology and how would you evaluate your experience with this company? 

"We started working with IBA during the installation phase. We had the opportunity to visit several other Centers equipped with IBA technology and to talk with the other IBA customers. Even although this particular field of technology develops and changes rapidly, IBA continues to deliver a product that can be easily operated by the Clinical team, without frequent intervention by technical staff."

You have an IBA team on your site. How do you evaluate its support?

" The Proton Therapy system is a very complex and sophisticated piece of equipment. The onsite maintenance team keeps the system running with an average uptime of more than 98%. After almost four years working with IBA's support team, I can safely say that their support for our Clinical activities is very good. The team is available 24/7 which ensures a quick response to any problems that may occur during patient treatment. What is more, during the last three years of patient treatment there has only been one day of unexpected downtime. From this point of view, IBA's Proton Therapy system is working 100% of its scheduled treatment time."

What would you say are the key differentiators of IBA within the market of Proton Therapy?

"IBA is the world leader in selling and operating Proton Therapy systems. The cost of production and installation is quite expensive, so customers expect high reliability: IBA delivers this. Furthermore, IBA continues to update and upgrade its system in response to the needs of its customers. For this reason, the IBA Proton Therapy system is becoming more and more user friendly without losing any of its capabilities. Within the market of Proton Therapy, IBA is a relatively small company: this means that IBA can offer a flexible and open minded approach to any problems or queries that might arise."

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