IBA & Philips Symposium PTCOG 2018

Proton therapy

Learn about "Advanced Imaging and Planning in Proton Therapy" in the presentations of three speakers that presented during the IBA & Philips Symposium at PTCOG 2018 in Cincinnati.

  • Monoisocentric intensity modulated proton therapy for bilateral breast cancer

Dr. Marcio Fagundes, M.D., Medical Director, Radiation Oncology Miami Cancer Institute

  • Commissioning and planning optimization for open IMPT gantries

Jamil Lambert, PhD, Senior Physicist Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales Celtic Springs, Spooner Close, Newport

  • MRI for planning and on-therapy monitoring of proton therapy patients

Chia-ho Hua, PhD, Physicist St. Jude’s Radiation Oncology, Memphis, Tennesse

Download the presentations in the attached pdf.

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