Proton therapy


PROTEUS®SERVICES are the only comprehensive set of services in proton therapy that are with you from the beginning and beyond in the fight against cancer. Leveraging our experience supporting our customers to treat over 60 000 patients, IBA has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build, operate and maintain a proton therapy center. Over 30 years we have worked in close collaboration with renowned institutions, customers, and partners to develop unrivaled expertise allowing us to ensure optimal performance.

The unrivaled know-how of PROTEUS®SERVICES enables IBA to propose a complete range of proton therapy services that ensures the fastest installation and clinical ramp up, the highest uptime and smooth operations, and above all, compassionate care for cancer patients. Although technology changes over time, our commitment to you remains timeless.

PROTEUS®SERVICES has a proven record of delivering upgrades and updates to our clinical partners regardless of the age of the proton therapy center and equipment. From the 1st Pencil Beam scanning upgrade to the world’s 1st CBCT upgrade in proton therapy, we have been ready to deliver new technology to meet clinical demand today and tomorrow.

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