Working Together to Capture New Opportunities in Proton Therapy

Proton therapy

IBA organized its 8th Annual User Meeting this year with more than 165 participants, representing 40 sites from 17 countries. The annual event provides Proteus Users a platform for open dialogue, technical and clinical discussions, cross center-collaboration, and give real-time feedback to IBA. Users discussed opportunities for innovation and new indications, as well as clinical studies and treatment protocols.

The theme of this year’s annual meeting was “Capturing New Opportunities in Proton Therapy.”  Over the course of the 3 days, the attendees focused their collective energy on sharing the latest advances in proton therapy through real clinical cases and discussing the latest clinical trends such as

  • Flash therapy
  • Proton arc therapy
  • The combination of proton therapy and immunotherapy

Value of the Users Meetings

The annual User Meeting is a great opportunity for IBA to meet their customers and listen to their feedback. And what do the customers think about it? Listen to the interview with Dr Ramesh Rengan to learn more

"IBA has multiple avenues through which the customers they work with, can provide them with feedback which is really unique. It’s not just through a committee or through a helpline, they actually solicit every year a meeting by bringing all their users together for a free-flowing discussion of what’s working and actually they are more interested in what’s not working! They specifically ask what’s not working, where can we improve?"

Watch the video and listen to the full testimonial of Ramesh Rengan, Medical Director at SCCA Proton Therapy Center.

Show & Tell - Sharing is Caring

Show & Tell is one of the most interactive parts of the IBA User Meeting. During this session, users have the opportunity to share real clinical experience among each other in a form of short 10 min talks dedicated to the topic of: the most interesting cases treated in their centers, cases that they decided not to treat with proton therapy due to whatever limitations or associated risk; or an innovative technique they used for treatment (planning, delivery, quality assurance). The goal of Show & Tell is to give users a forum to exchange real-life clinical cases and experiences to help other users in the community to ultimately maximize the quality of care and potential outcomes.

"For new proton centres like ourselves the Show & Tell session is a great opportunity to learn from the combined experiences of many other centres in the IBA community. Hearing about specific issues and challenges faced by centres who have been treating with IBA machines for many years is extremely useful as we make our own plans and strategies for this year and beyond."  

John Pettingel, Chief Physicist & Head of Radiotherapy, Rutherford Cancer Centres

Customer Forum - Listing to the voice of the customers

The Customer forum is a unique one-hour users only session where all IBA users discuss IBA’s services and make suggestions for improvement. Challenges and successes of Proteus installations, operations, and upgrades are shared in honesty and complete transparency. Throughout the years, this unique platform has helped IBA to prioritize development of our services and implementation of new features to improve the reliability of systems.

"Our Proton Center went 6 months without cancelling a patient due to system downtime. During this period, the site has operated at 99.1% uptime thanks to great efforts by the entire clinical team at Northwestern and IBA's team on site.  

Mark Pankuck PhD, Director of Medical Physics, Northwestern Chicago Proton Therapy Center

Clinical Innovation - Sharing is Daring

The outcome of IBA’s Annual User Meeting has many advantages that benefit IBA’s users. For instance, users are able to bring their experience to the User Meeting and leave with new ideas for their centers. This valuable exchange also allows IBA to acquire knowledge and feedback first-hand to continue championing advancements in proton therapy. The IBA innovation roadmap is also shared to continue to improve and provide the most reliable system possible and look for users' input on technology innovations that have the most beneficial clinical impact for the patients. 

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