For patients

For patients

IBA is a worldwide company fighting cancer every day by developing leading edge technological solutions to Protect, Enhance and Save Lives. Our primary goal is to make proton therapy accessible to the radiation therapy patients who could benefit from it. Please bear in mind that IBA is not a team of physicians. We cannot advise on any specific clinical conditions. However, we compiled some useful information and links to appointed institutions. We hope that this information proves helpful and that you will find all the assistance you may need.

General information for oncology patients

Even though IBA constantly shares its knowledge with practitioners in the field of oncology and its sub-specialties, it is neither our mission nor our area of expertise to inform people about cancer. Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to talk to your practitioner. If you have any concerns for yourself or for your loved ones, address them to an expert in order to avoid being misled by information that might not apply to your case.

In the meantime, if you still want to learn more about cancer, please follow the selected links. They will lead you to major institutions that publish trustworthy information.
If you would like more information about proton therapy for a specific clinical condition, we suggest that you:

  1. Talk to your physician about proton therapy

The first thing to do is to talk to your treating physician about proton therapy. Oncology covers such a broad spectrum of specialties and treatments that physicians cannot have a thorough knowledge of each sub-specialty. Generally, proton therapy is highly beneficial for the following areas of indications:

  • Pediatric cancer 
  • Brain tumors 
  • Head & Neck 
  • Lymphoma 
  • Gastrointestinal cancer 
  • Genitourinary cancer 

You may also find useful to share the following information with your doctor:

Please also note that healthcare is governed by a local legal framework that influences the prescription of treatment modalities or the reimbursement by the health insurances. Patients within EU countries can take advantage of S2 form and cross border treatment.

 2. Contact a treating Proton Therapy Center

The next unavoidable step is to contact directly one of the centers that are treating with Proton Therapy. They will be best able to inform you and to assess whether proton therapy is appropriate. Ideally, have your latest medical reports ready in electronic version when contacting them.
You will need particularly:

  • Your latest medical report
  • CT or MRI scans

Here is a link to all existing centers – both treating patients and under installation.

IBA Proton therapy centers around the world

Would you like to read real stories of patients treated by proton therapy? Have a look at stories published on our customers' websites:

Patient Stories from Willis-Knighton Cancer Center
Patient Stories from Proton Therapy Center Czech
Patient Stories from Procure Proton Therapy Center
Patient Stories from Penn Medicine 
Patient Stories from Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center
Patient Stories from Massachusetts General Hospital
Patient Stories from Hampton Proton Therapy Institute

As far as Patient Support is concerned, here is a short list of associations that could help you get more information or facilitate access to proton therapy. Note that most of them are based in the USA.

  • Pediatric Proton Foundation provides information and support for pediatric patients

Susan Ralston:  1757.636.5225


· Brotherhood of the Balloon (BOB) is an organization of 7,000+ members who have chosen proton therapy for their prostate cancer treatment. They provide aftercare communication, promote cancer prevention and patient support;

Deborah Hickey -

· Proton Therapy Today provides general information about Proton Therapy and shares patient and caregivers experience.

Compass to Care provides support to patients for travel and housing expenses
Michelle Ernsdorff, Founder

Tel: +1 312-515-9490 - -

· Home Away Boston provides support for accommodation when treatment occurs at MGH in Boston.

Kimberly Sheridan, Director of Operations

+1 978-760-1224

· Kids ‘n’ Cancer helps children get lifesaving treatment

Mike Hyman

Download the Frequently Asked Questions Factsheet on Proton Therapy