How to refer a patient for Proton therapy?

Refer a patient

How to refer a patient for proton therapy?

Proton therapy is used today to treat many cancers and is particularly appropriate in situations where treatment options are limited and conventional radiotherapy presents unacceptable risks to patients.

To refer a patient, you can contact directly one of the centers offering proton therapy. You can provide the center with:

  • The latest medical report of your patient
  • CT or MRI scans 

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The advantages of proton therapy

  • Little to no radiation behind the tumor
  • Lower integral dose per treatment
  • Potential to lower the risk of side effects
  • May improve the quality of life during and after treatment

20% of radiation therapy patients could benefit from proton therapy

Proton therapy is the growing treatment of choice, especially when other treatment options are limited and present unacceptable risks to the patient.

A growing treatment option

Experts predict the number of patients treated per year with proton therapy will increase from 16.200 in 2015 to 300.000 in 2030.

(Source: MEDRays Intell Proton Therapy World Market Report 2015)